ATS 180

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Design Features

  1. The oil temperature of the pump is low due to efficient air cooling system with radiator and it is ideal for harsh applications.
  2. The low oil temperature guarantees longer life time of pump and more stable performance.
  3. Big oil volume for long oil lifetime.
  4. Integrated oil recovery system to minimise oil loss.
  5. The anti-suckback valve located at the inlet port protects the vacuum chamber at the time of sudden pump stop.
  6. Integrated oil mist filter at the outlet port of the pump to prevent pollution.
  7. Big cross-sextional area of oil mist filter for long life time of the filter.
  8. The oil guage, oil inlet, and oil outlet is located at same side for easier maintenance.
  9. The pump is specially designed to have optimum performance from the low to medium vacuum.
  10. The pump are capable of continuative operation under ambient pressure.
  11. Low noise level.


  • Packaging : food vacuum packaging, MAP, forming packaging, blister packaging, tube packaging
  • Degassing : food industry, plastic injection press, vacuum casting, vacuum impregnation, heat treatment, surface coating
  • Coating : coating at metal, plastic, glass, etc
  • Lamination : solar battery products, LCD, mobile phone display
  • Drying : food freeze-drying, milk powder production, sludge drying, wood drying, synthetic resin particle drying
  • Distillation : oil distillation, vacuum distillation in chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Transfer : inhale transfer in hospital, food transfer, plastic transfer, water vapour containing waste transfer
  • Fix : suctionmounting

Technical Data

Description Unit ATS 180
Displacement speed 60HZ m3/h 165
50HZ m3/h 180
Ultimate pressure Gas ballast torr 0.08(0.06)
Gas ballast I 0.5(0.375)
Gas ballast II 1(0.75)
Inlet port PF 2″
Outlet port PF 2″
Motor power (50HZ/60HZ) kW 3.7/3.7
Type of protection IP55
Nomial omtor speed 50Hz R.P.M 1500
60Hz 1800
Water vapour tolerance 50Hz mbar 40
60Hz 50
Noise level(50HZ/60HZ) dB 70/74
Oil capacity(min/max) I 8/10
Weight Kg 166

Pumping Speed Curve


External Pump Sketch


Outside Dimension



Model A B C D E F G H I J K N O P Q R S
ATS 180 852 560 448 356 324 38 257 196 184 676 206 281 337 88 45 387 M10