Introduction of company

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Operation

Technology is quality and the quality is WOOSUNG company’s priority.
Woosung Vacuum Company is a professional manufacturer of vacuum pumps. The company started manufacturing vacuum related products since 1976.

Since that time, we have made every effort to manufacture the single item of the best quality vacuum product and contributed ourselves to improve the quality of the products. Now Woosung Vacuum is leading vacuum pump manufacturer in the world. Main products are 7 series and 35 models of Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum pumps, booster Vacuum Pumps, DRY type Vacuum Pumps and their accessories.

As the technology and quality of the products have been acknowledged by the relevant vacuum industry partners, the company has already acquired more than from Korea, India, China and U.S.A and also obtained the international licenses of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TI and UL from the relevant international organizations. The company has two factories, the head quarter office and 1st factory is located in Jeju with 17,534m2 land / 8,500m2 building area where the small size MVP-series is manufactured and 2nd factory is located in Incheon with 8,500m2 land / 3,500m2 building area where the big size MVP-series, Booster pump, Dry pump are manufactured. The production capacity of Vacuum pumps and accessories is about 10,000sets in annual.


Woosung’s principle of business management

  1. Be the best technology company in the world.
    -To be the leader of vacuum pump market, we have made effort for research and continuous technical development.
  2. Investment in human resource is the most valuable asset in company.
    -We resolutely make investment on human resource so as to be global talent as we have motto “The advanced technology is from man which will lead to improved quality”.
  3. Be the company to give customer satisfaction by best quality
    -We have always tried to consider everything in customer’s point of view to ensure customer satisfaction from the best quality.


In spite of the small company size, we are promoting powerful industry. Therefore Woosung is progressively seeking for advancing into multiple international markets so that the company can be reborn as the first class enterprise in 21st century.
For our best manufacturing of products and systems will play role basement of all industry, Woosung’s all executives and all staff members do our best effort.