MVP60 {60m3/h(1000L/min)-60HZ, 50m3/h(830L/min)-50HZ}

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Design Features

  1. Excellent ultimate vacuum and pumping speed by suing high performance new materials.
  2. Improved oil anti-suckback system to protect the vacuum system in the event of sudden stop.
  3. Occupying international standard clamp and flange at inlet and outlet port.
  4. Low noise and vibration.
  5. Occupying strong and constant pressured oil circulating system to protect the pump.
  6. Occupying convenient gas ballast valve control enabling open and shut-down of gas ballast valve easily while operating.
  7. Simple maintenance and oil replacement.
  8. Simple repair without special tools.

Design Operation Principle

  • MVP Series is two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. It is new concept out of conventional design to satisfy customer’s needs.
  • The structure of the pump
    It consists of pump housing, oil casing, motor housing, pump base and pump module. It occupies oil anti-suckback valve and gas ballast for protecting pump and vacuum system.
  • Operating Principle
    The pump and motor are connected by flexible coupling. As the rotor rotates two vanes, placed in rotor vane groove, turn making contact with the internal surface of the cylinder due to centrifugal force.
    The inhaled gas is trapped between two vanes as the rotating vane passes through the inlet passage and this trapped gas is compressed as it rotates toward exhaust valve and eventually exhaust through valve. The vacuum oil is supplied to the moving parts for lubrication and tight sealing.

Technical Data

Description Unit MVP60
Displacement speed 60HZ m3/h 60
L/min 1000
50HZ m3/h 50
L/min 830
Ultimate pressure Gas ballast C torr 5 x 10-4
Gas ballast I 5 x 10-3
Gas ballast II 5 x 10-2
Water vapour tolerance torr 40
Oil filling L 4.5
Inlet port DN 40KF
Outlet port DN 40KFF
Motor power kW 1.5
Rotational speed of pump 60Hz R.P.M 1750
50Hz R.P.M 1450
Noise level(without gas ballast) dB 56
Weight kg 68

Pumping Speed Curve


External Pump Sketch


Simplified Pump Structure Sketch


Outside Dimension



Model A B C D E F G H I J K N S M L
MVP60 250 185 387 30 50 368 80 255 370 305 550 428 Ø14 281 709