FRU5800 {4800m3/h)-50HZ, 5800m3/h-60HZ}

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FRU5800 01
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Design Features

  1. Saved energy consumption by reduced operating time by inhaling from ambient pressure.
  2. Steady and excellent performance and applicable in all vacuum applications.
  3. Air-cooling system
  4. The pump have two outlet port, vertical and horizontal, to enable convenient piping with backing pump
  5. ISO flange is used for inlet and outlet port
  6. Low vibration level, low noise level
  7. Easy maintenance and repairing

Design Operation Principle

Based on the simple technology, they are made of a couple of Two-lobe rotating in opposite directions in a stator. Due to the lobe shape of the rotors and to the synchronization of their rotation through a pair of gears, these rotors remain permanently tangent to each other and tangent to the stator. FRU series is suited to a wide range of vacuum applications combined with primary vane pumps, piston pump or dry pumps.

Technical Data

Description Unit FRU5800
Displacement speed 50Hz m3/h 4800
60Hz 5880
Ultimate pressurewith 2 stage backing pump torr 5 x 10-5
Inlet pressure(max. continuous) torr 760
Inlet port ISO 250
Outlet port ISO 200
Motor Power kW 15
Voltage 50Hz Volt 220/380~420
60Hz 220/380/440
Rotational speedof pump 50Hz R.P.M 3000
60Hz 3600
Oil filling Liter 7.0
Weight kg 884

Pumping Speed Curve


Design Features


Outside Dimension



Model A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
FRU5800 1483 680 592 480 480 190 430 285 255 255 388 80 278 Ø18

Dimensions of ISO flange

Standard a b n d
ISO63 130 110 4 M8
ISO100 165 145 8 M8
ISO160 225 200 8 M10
ISO200 285 260 12 M10
ISO250 335 310 12 M10